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Your Business's 2017 Resolution for Digital Revolution!

There has been a sharp rise in organisations embracing more advanced digital technologies, in order to embrace digital transformation. The need to become digitally savvy is essential for companies looking to transform their business models. Have you not given much thought into your business’

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Ultimate Guide: The 7-Step System For Your Business's Digital Transformation!

The term “digital transformation” has been used to describe anything from creating a fully responsive mobile website to developing a social media strategy, but in reality true transformation needs to involve much more than just the end product. You must enhance your digital customer expe

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Tips on How to Efficiently Optimize Your Business for the Digital Age

Beating Your Competitors in the Digital Footrace with Digital Optimization There are many different ways in which a company can benefit from business process optimization, which is a management approach that strives to construct new processes and develop new resources to make an organization as eff

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Why Hyper-Digitization May Drive The Next Industrial Revolution

The accelerated digitization of a large and growing sector of the world economy is creating a major new opportunity for businesses, one that requires new approaches and new service models. Hyper-Digitization is the current revolution of digital business in which a large percentage of the economy&rs

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Why Staying Digitally Complacent Can Be Detrimental To Your Business

Your Business Must Digitally Transform To Keep Pace Innovation is key to adapting to a digital landscape and getting ahead of the competition. But how should you shape your organization’s culture to inspire and facilitate innovation? In a recently published article entitled, “Is Digita

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Digital Transformation Is The Key To Your Business’s Success

Digital Transformation Is The Future of Business Digital transformation is the profound and accelerating transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic a

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Why Now, More Than Ever Before, Your Business Needs Total Digital Transformation

Wherever you turn, businesses are facing tremendous disruptive pressure A shift is happening now that is forcing companies, large and small, to scramble to transform into digitally-driven organizations. The time for your business’s digital transformation is now. But what does a total digital

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DevOps: What Is It? And How Can It Help Your Business Digitally Transform with Ease?

For many large enterprises, achieving both the customer focus of digital transformation and the business velocity of DevOps is a daunting task. Simply replacing old with new is rarely practical or cost-effective. And yet, separating fast-moving digital efforts from slower, traditional IT is a recip

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Real-Time Big Data is the Future of Business Operations

Real-Time Big Data is the Future of Business Operations Cloud services, mobility, machine-to-machine and related managed services are beginning to combine to create new modes of business intelligence, collaboration and services delivery. The intersection of cloud computing, big data and intelligen

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Making Sense of Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption is a Hot-Button Phrase Floating Around the Business World as of Late, But What Does it Mean? Digital Disruption happens when the incumbent’s mainstream customers start taking up the start-up’s products or services in volume. Think Blockbuster and Netflix. In a recent

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