3 Online Marketing Tactics You Shouldn't Ignore in 2013

Keeping up with online marketing can be challenging, it’s constantly changing. Below are a few important online marketing tactics to consider in 2013.


Content Marketing
The popularity of content marketing has increased significantly as a result of social, search and email channels becoming more reliant on them. Great content which is valuable to the reader and unobtrusively presented is a foundation to many marketing strategies today.

Rather than blasting people with messages about how great your company is, provide them useful information. We are bombarded with information all day, every day. As a result our defences are raised to protect our attention from being spent in ineffective ways. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to get the attention of your audience, so focusing on providing truly useful information as an initial point of contact is a strategy organizations should consider. Your audience will be much more receptive to your message if they are getting real value.


Integration of Social & Search
Social media is now an influencing factor for search engine results. As an example, Google search listings include author information, you will also see +1’s from people in your Google+ circles. Since search result click-through rates are an important factor to Google, your rankings will be influenced by the number of Google+ 1’s your pages receive. This same logic also applies to your rankings on Bing, which are influenced by Facebook popularity.

Ensure that you’re providing your online audience with real value and are always building a positive reputation online.


Web Video
Web video is continuing to become a cost-effective online marketing approach. Video is the easiest form of content to consume, especially when complex information is being visually presented. As well, video can be used to provide a more natural “behind the scenes” look at a company. Something which is difficult to gauge without being physically present.

Web videos can also contain embedded lead generation call-to-actions which are easily trackable for conversion rates. It’s important to have a well-planned video on your website, but it’s just as equally important to track it’s performance and use it to generate business.

At the end of the day, online marketing tactics will continue to change, but any online marketing strategy should have an effective and scaleable website to act as it’s foundation.

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