Facebook improves privacy and tagging changes


Facebook is launching one of the largest privacy overhauls in its history. The change will make it clearer with whom you’re sharing photos, status updates and locations with. The changes, more than a dozen in all, fall into two key areas: privacy changes to user profiles and changes to how users share content. They will roll out during the next few days.

Setting will now be embedded right on the profile page. In the past, users must go into their massive Privacy Settings page to make a change. Now the ability to modify these settings appear beside their respective element on your profile.  Facebook is also adding the “View Profile As” option to the profile page. This allows you to view your profile page as one of your friends would see it. 

The biggest change to profile privacy is the addition to review tags. Facebook understands users wanted more control over who tagged them and how those tags appeared on their profiles. Users will now be able to approve or reject tags before they become visible to anybody else. This includes photos, locations and posts.


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