A Digital Transformation is Not Only Beneficial, But Can Protect Your Business

A Digital Transformation in Your Business Can Be Overwhelmingly Beneficial

In a recently published article in D!gitalist Mag entitled “3 Ways Digital Transformation Can Protect Your Business”, author Shelly Dutton provides a comprehensive study on the benefits of businesses embracing a digital transformation.  

“Why are so many enterprises relying on digital transformation to move forward? Simply put, it can be a protective layer that cushions the impact of a downturn – whether fueled by speculation, a misunderstanding of standard economic indicators, or real monetary constraints,” she writes.

Dutton writes that embracing a digital transformation isn’t just beneficial, but it can protect your business. Below, she outlines three ways why this is so:

Prediction #1: 65% of large enterprises will shift their focus from resources, labor, and fixed capital to digital mastery of relationships, operations, and intangible capital.

Prediction #2: 80% of B2C and 60% of B2B companies will create immersive, authentic, omni-experiences for customers, partners, and employees by 2018.

Prediction #3: 75% of the Global 2000 will deploy full, information-based, digital twins of their products, services, supply network, sales channels, and operations.

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