As CIO, You Can Hold The Power of Digital Transformation

There’s no escaping the fact that most leaders who haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, now understand that they need to protect their firms against disruption, and better still, “disrupt the market”.

In a recently-published article entitled, “The CIO’s Cheat Sheet for Digital Transformation,” author and expert, Richard Howells, writes:

“As CIO, you figured you’d merely lead your IT department. You’d purchase equipment and create new systems. You’d implement policies and procedures around device usage. You’d protect your enterprise from dangerous cyberattacks. But with new, groundbreaking technologies emerging every day—from the Internet of Things (IoT) to machine learning—your role within the organization has changed,” adding that, in fact, it’s growing in importance, and you’re expected to be more strategic.

“Your colleagues now view you as an influencer and change-maker. You’re looked upon to be a driving force at your enterprise—one who can successfully guide your company into the future.

The first step in making this transition from IT leader to company leader is to team up with others in the C-suite—specifically the COO—to drive digital transformation,” he writes.

Becoming a digital business is not an option--it is essential in order to win, serve and retain customers. Preparing for the digital transformation tsunami helps you understand how organizations are defining digital strategies and their key imperatives for digital transformation.

“When it comes to a company’s digital transformation, the buck stops with its CIO. After all, the CIO is responsible for adopting and managing the cutting-edge innovations that enable organizations to fuel business growth and stay competitive,” Howells writes. “Today, there’s no better way for a company to stay innovative and competitive than by adopting game-changing IoT technology.”

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