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Being a leader is not just about delegation and strategy, it’s about being inspiring. It’s the kind of leader that generates an atmosphere conducive for innovation or invention that is truly advantageous for a business of any kind. But to grow into that kind of leader, one must grow as a person. And how do you grow as a person? To answer that, I turn to renowned psychologist Dr. Kathy Cramer who refers to the age old narrative device of “The Hero’s Journey” to explain this phenomenon:

“The heroic leadership journey calls upon Joseph Campbell’s narrative framework to help leaders see their paths forward and navigate the predictable (and unpredictable) head and tail winds. It consists of six phases: The Call, Resistance to the Call and Meeting Mentors, Threshold Crossing, the Journey, the Supreme Ordeal and Victory, and the Return Home.”

Here are just a few tips on how you can leverage the first three phases of your heroic journey as a leader for exponential personal growth and success.

Phase I: The Call

Unyielding confidence in your mission is essential for success. Boost your confidence by examining your unique skillset and how you can utilize your expertise to succeed. Think about what you’ve done in the past that’s similar, and apply that experience.

Phase II: The Resistance and Meeting the Mentors

A leader’s worst enemy is the unknown. It’s difficult to conduct business outside of your comfort zone, or make decisions that involve risk. Often, a mentor or sage must come along to offer advice and encouragement before the leader feels ready to counter the resistance. However, a leader can be his or her own best mentor by simply foreseeing the positive that will come from achieving the business’s established  goals. Optimism is your best weapon.

Phase III: Threshold Crossing

This is the moment when the leader and business crosses the point of no return. A situation may have come along where a decision needs to be made. All of your decisions thus far have led you to this moment that could either make or break your business. It takes incredible courage to step over that irreversible line, but you know what success awaits on the other side. This is when you can recall a time in your life when you displayed true courage, or you know of someone who did. Apply that same courage now.  

Dr. Cramer concludes:

“As you move forward full-throttle toward achieving your goals, the foundational confidence, optimism, and courage you develop in the first three phases of your heroic journey will serve you well. What’s more, you will continue to grow in these three crucial attributes as you chart your course toward positive change.”    

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