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Every holiday season people open up their hearts and think of those in need. Many express their love and concern for those less fortunate through food banks, donations to local causes, and volunteering. Many causes purposefully focus on children, and although very important, few think of the children of Christmas' past.

This year LinxSmart is helping Jill Harrington and her team at The Children of Christmas Past get the word out about their cause.

The Children of Christmas Past, a local, grassroots, organization, has passionately taken it upon themselves to be a strong voice with a loving, helping hand for seniors who are alone.

The organization began in 1999 by Jill Harrington. She requested that the guests of their Annual Christmas Open House bring a gift for a senior, rather than a gift for them. Now, 10 years later, the registered not-for-profit charity hand delivers over 1,400 gifts on Christmas morning.

It is her hope that in the future the organization will not only cater to the elderly during the Christmas season but all year round.

We hope that you might consider helping the cause by way of making a donation, volunteering, or getting the word out on Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter!



The LinxSmart team in partnership with Children of Christmas Past

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