City of Hamilton's Website Design Concepts Revealed

So I just got back from the City of Hamilton's website design open house.  I was able to view some visual concepts of what our city's future web presence may look like.  

I arrived to see about a dozen others browsing 3 different sets of concepts.  All of which appeared to have the same general page structure and functionality.  The differences between the designs were mainly layout and creative elements.  They all had a clean and flat looking design, which looked to be inspired by many Twitter Bootstrap UI elements.  

As we all expect, the use of modern technologies and frameworks come into play on this new design.  All 3 concepts were paired with their respective mobile website design concept.  Through a brief chat with some of the staff presenting, they mentioned the intention of implementing a responsive design to handle multiple device sizes.  The concepts shown today only included desktop and smartphone layouts, nothing in between yet.

Overall, I was happy with the concepts presented today.  Aside from the sound choices made in the variety of design considerations, it's nice to see the City of Hamilton's website move towards a more modern approach, and representing Hamilton in a more accurate way.


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