Disruptive Technology is Changing Business As Usual

Disruptive Technology Often Forces Companies To Change The Way They Approach Their Businesses

A disruptive technology is an innovation to a technology that currently exists which leads to the development of new value networks and markets. “However, these new technologies will eventually disrupt the existing value network and markets, displacing earlier technologies,” writes Peter Davidson in World Economic Forum, expert in helping different brands and start-ups make efficient business decisions and plan effective business strategies.

Disruptive Technologies Have, Historically, Changed The Business World

If modern history can teach us one thing, it’s that innovation leads to change, and, sometimes, that change is monumental.

“The personal computer essentially displaced the typewriter, forever changing the way we communicate and work. Email also changed communication, largely displacing traditional letter-writing and causing problems with the greeting card industry,” Davidson writes.

Additionally, he adds, smartphones have displaced numerous technologies with all of their available apps, including calculators, GPS devices, and MP3 players.

5 Disruptive Technologies That Are Very Close To Changing The Business World

1) Next-Generation Genomics

As we better understand our own genomic makeup, we will have improvements in our ability to manipulate genes, thus improving health treatments and diagnostics.

2) The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a proposed Internet development in which everyday objects will have network connectivity, thus allowing them to receive and send data.

3) The Cloud

Cloud technology provides centralized computing services that can be accessed by a variety of users

4) 3D Printing

3D printing is a process of making solid, three dimensional objects out of a digital file.

5) Energy Storage

Improved energy storage devices will hold onto energy for later use, such as lithium-ion fuel cells.

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