Eliminate Countless Spreadsheets with Business Apps!

It’s the beginning of a fresh new workweek. You wake up, shower, toss on that half-ironed/half-wrinkly button-up top, slip on a pair of nicely-creased dress pants, run some kind of product through your hair, tie up your shoes, grab your briefcase and hop in the car. Like every morning, it goes smoothly, because everything you do in your morning ritual makes sense. You grip the wheel and crack a smile as you pull out onto the open road. You feel a sense of elation as you anticipate the exciting projects that await you this week. And then you arrive at the office. You greet your colleagues, and since your drive in went off without a hitch, you’re friendly and warm. You enter your office, drop your case on the desk, and take off to the kitchen to grab a coffee; your day can’t begin without that caffeine kick. But then, as you return and wake your computer from its slumber, you see the flood of emails requiring answers to innumerable questions. Your heart sinks as you know what you need to do: open all the spreadsheets. Your business requires dozens of spreadsheets to operate, and it’s your job to oversee and maintain them. But then, as you pour through them seeking all of the answers to your clients’ questions, you realize that it’s not actually your job to oversee and maintain spreadsheets… You’re the Managing Director! You should be focussing your energy on boosting productivity and working with various departments to innovate and develop new means to gain clientele! But all your efforts are tied up in dealing with these dreaded spreadsheets. It’s the same headache every week. And, as the stress begins to tighten its grip, you question if this is truly the best way to operate. There has to be some way, some method that can organize and simplify this process. Like your morning ritual, each part of the process is vital, and each part makes sense. As the Managing Director, wasting precious time on such a menial task does not makes sense.

That’s what LinxSmart’s Business Apps are all about. We will analyze your unique business processes and design a fully customized Business App for you that will rectify what issues your business faces. By implementing a Business App, your efforts can be reserved for what really matters. Let us take care of your menial tasks. Let us reduce and organize your endless spreadsheets.

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