Engaging Customers: Why Live Video Chat May Have More Benefits Than You Think

Forward-thinking Businesses Are At A Competitive Advantage Through Video Chat Use

Live video chat may not be something that sounds ground-breaking, or something that might give you the competitive edge on the competition, but you’d be surprised to discover the hidden qualities of this rather basic tech.

“Roughly 100 of the top 500 corporations worldwide will be using video chat for customer-facing interactions by 2018, according to Gartner research,” writes JT Ripton, author of “Why Live Video Chat Is Untapped Potential For Your Business”, which was recently published in D!gitalist Magazine.

5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Video Chat In Your Business Process

1. Face-to-face video chat dramatically improves customer service

“Video chat works well for this interaction because it helps you identify issues faster through show-and-tell methods while building rapport with agents,” Ripton writes, adding that agents can guide customers through complex or confusing instructions and create the sense of presence that was lost when in-store staff began replacing online shopping carts.

2. Video chat will increase your sales

The value of chat is proven, with roughly 90% of customers saying live chat is helpful, according to an ATG Global Consumer Trends study. “What’s more,” Ripton writes, “an survey found that 63% of consumers were more likely to return to a website that offered live chat.”

3. Video chat can greatly cut down on expenses

“Video chat increases the chance that a customer will leave an interaction successfully due in part to the visual information and communication from the agents answering their questions. This means that you will have lower contact center costs,” Ripton writes.

Video chat also cuts costs internally through the reduction of travel expenses.

“Costly sales meetings can be reduced by replacing some of these meetings with video calls, and internal meetings conducted over group video chat can greatly reduce the need for bringing together remote teams,” he writes.

4. Employee training and collaboration make a huge leap forward

“Instead of using costly in-person meetings, video chat opens up lines of communication by making it easy for quick, pointed ‘virtual’ meetings,” writes Ripton, adding, video chat can help with training. “Imagine a new employee still learning the ropes. With video chat, seasoned employees can more easily serve as mentors and provide guidance when new employees have a question or need direction.”

5. Incorporating video chat sets your business apart from your competition

Customer support is incredibly important — now more than ever — and offering easy video chat both pre- and post-sales can definitely turn heads.

“It also can help customers remember your brand. Only three percent of online shoppers remember text three days later, according to an extensive survey conducted by the Customer Care Institute. Video chat is dramatically more memorable, however, since it engages customers on the human level,” writes Ripton.

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