Google Instant coming to Canada

Google is always on the move when it comes to improving their search results. The majority of the changes occur behind the scenes in their ranking formula which determines the order for sites to appear within result. Coming soon to Canadians is Google Instant: a new search feature which displays search results as you type. Google mentions benefits of faster searches, smarter predictions, and instant results, but does this affect your business’ online exposure?

As users type in their search phrase, Google Instant continuously makes recommendations for users to type in more words, making their searches more specific. It won’t be much longer before visitors are typing in “widget creation in Toronto” instead of simply “widgets” as they have in the past.

If your business currently receives traffic from Google on shorter key phrases, now is the time to consider expanding to more specific search terms. Longer key phrases, also known as long tail keywords, also statistically offer a better return on investment. Did you know that makes 57% of its sales from keywords outside of their “popular” items?

Using long tail keywords is especially valuable to small businesses or businesses new to online marketing, as the higher return on the investment is quicker to evaluate. LinxSmart is proud to offer search engine marketing to help clients with their business goals, using the latest strategies for online success.

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