How a Well-Executed Website Can Help Your Business Gain Clientele

How Can a Website Help Your Business Gain Clientele?

Progress, in a business sense, means to evolve; to ascend to a level of success you’ve only but envisaged since your company’s inception.

In today’s business arena, to progress means to embrace a digital culture. It means to move from analogue processes your company has used since the day you cut the ribbon all those years ago (such as hand-written invoices, spreadsheets, memos and so on), to digital.

Websites certainly aren’t the newest tool in the proverbial box, and I believe I can speak with unwavering conviction that your business already has one. But, what IS new is the way you use that website. And, according to John Noone, a member of the Global SME & Partner Marketing Team at SAP, websites, if developed properly, can lead to a major gain in clientele.

“Why your website? Highly informed consumers conduct the majority of their research online. A hyper-tuned website ensures that you are relevant to them, and that helps you become top-of-mind in their selection,” he writes, adding, “Digital is not an option; it’s an imperative for IT solution providers. An on-target and present digital presence must exist to generate leads.”

Noone’s Top 5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Developing Your Company’s Website

  1. Is your value proposition clearly identified on your website? What is it that you do better that your competition? In an online marketplace, your competitor is only a click away… and your value proposition must be front and center of your website.

  1. Can anyone vouch for you? Do you have customer testimonials you can show? When visitors locate your site, they want to know that you have done this before.

  1. Who are you targeting? Is your content relevant for them? It is important to identify who your customer is and to also understand what they are looking for.

  1. Are there calls-to-action that are clearly identified for your customer? Once your customer has found your website and located content that is relevant to them, you need to encourage them to take the next step.

  1. Do you know if your site is generating interest? Are you managing site and marketing analytics? Measurement is the most important element of any strategy that aims to provide insight into how you are performing.

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