How to Benefit From Updating Your Digital Mindset

The effects of Digital Darwinism are being felt by enterprises the world over.

The business world has always been governed in cut-throat “survival of the fittest” terms, but, as the relentless barrage of transformative technology continues to disrupt markets on every level, what constitutes a business as being the “fittest” is quickly being redefined as more complex tech is being implemented in the business world.

In a recently published article entitled, “How to Benefit From Updating Your Digital Mindset,” author and expert, Derek Klobucher, writes:

“More technologies are simultaneously reaching maturity than at any other time in recent memory. Getting the most out of cloud, mobile, big data, IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other maturing technologies will require organizations to open themselves to new ways of thinking.”

In order to stay competitive in continuously-evolving markets, it is necessary that enterprises keep pace with technological disruption – in fact, it’s imperative. Businesses need to be continuously embracing new online marketing channels, bringing new digitally-evolved products to market, refreshing the value propositions of their offerings, and utilising cloud technologies to enable scaling and globalisation at pace. Indeed, it is only with Digital Transformation that businesses will continue to be able to reach new sets of customers and increase the lifetime value of existing ones.

“What sets the leaders apart is that they have internalized the need to transform how they think as well as what they do, to create a digital mindset across the organization,” writes Klobucher. “This is the difference between saying ‘we need a mobile app’ and ‘we need new ways to serve customers in the ways they want to be served.’”

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