How to Display Your Logo in Google Search Results

This past week Google announced on their Webmaster’s blog they will be supporting a markup for organization logos. Simply put, updating the small line of web code which displays your logo will help you gain a competitive edge against the competition.

Improved Click-Through-Rate & Brand Recognition’s markup language is also referred to as “rich snippets”. Adding these rich snippets to certain elements on your website helps Google display these elements within search results. In the case of your logo, it’s now likely Google will start displaying it next to your company’s listing. This will in turn increase your click-through-rate (CTR) and improve brand recognition.

Here’s an example of what the future holds:

Current Listing

No logo featured in search result.

Future Listing

Logo featured in search result

Interesting in having this done to your website? Contact your web developer, or speak with one of LinxSmart’s web development experts today!

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