The Right Tech is What's Separating Digital Leaders from the Rest

Digitalization is the single most talked-about topic among business leaders at all tech and non-tech companies—including small, midsized, and large companies, in all industries and all lines of businesses. Why?

The reason is very simple: Digitalization is converging all technologies, from cloud-based IT, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to Big Data. Digitalization is driving the next digital revolution and leading to a new wave of productivity.

In a recently published article entitled, “Next-Gen Tech Separates Digital Leaders from the Rest,” author and expert, Shelly Dutton, writes:

“The right technology separates digital leaders from the remaining 97%

So what’s happening when business digitally transform themselves? Are they not reinventing their business models and rethinking current industry dynamics? Are strategies not customer-centric enough? Or are developing and recruiting the right talent an afterthought?” adding that while any, or all, of these factors may be the case, it is nearly impossible to resolve them without the use of next-generation technology.

“The SAP Center for Business Insight study found that digital leaders are betting big on “tomorrow’s” innovations now, rather than implementing what their competitors are using today.”

Dutton argues that, for digital leaders, next-generation technology is not something that will happen within the next 3–5 years – it’s already here.

“Big Data and analytics, the Internet of Things, and machine learning: a higher percentage of digital leaders are integrating these innovations into their core infrastructure. Through the use of a bimodal architecture, this approach is igniting cost-efficient, powerful transformation.”

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