Three Things That Make a Great Web Designer

Creating a well-designed site really boils down to three things: keeping up with trends and technology, an open-minded client who’s willing to take advice, and, lastly — a talented designer. And that’s where Chris DiBenedetto, LinxSmart’s Creative Director, comes in.

Chris is of a special class of web designers; able to create illustrations that capture that unique essence of a subject or object. When Chris graduated from Sheridan College with a Bachelor of Illustration, he was able to secure impressive freelance opportunities, like doing illustrations for Toronto Raptors’ “Open Gym” documentary show, or designing the elegant and alluring site for Aesthetics Group 

Chris started doing work for LinxSmart in the summer of 2008. It began with creating mock-up designs as a Junior designer; aiding the existing Art Director. But, it wasn’t long before Chris was able to fully join the team. 2015 marks his seventh year as LinxSmart’s Art Director, and, although he’s become a master of his craft, he’s always learning.

“I draw a lot of inspiration from other designers; not just web designers, but graphic and illustrators as well.  I also find I get inspired by film and TV opening and closing credits like Halt and catch fire, and video game menus as well, like Dirt 3. There are a lot great things video games do from a UI perspective that I think can be brought into web design when appropriate.”

For those who aspire to work in the field of web design, Chris believes that: “Talent is essential, but means nothing if your not willing to learn and strive to be more knowledgeable about your art; especially in an industry that evolves and changes as quickly as this one,” he says. “Keeping up to date with design trends and technology is something you have to try and do on a daily basis.”

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