Tied Up in a Web of Disorganization? Untangle That Web with Business Apps!

When you started at the company, you were hired as nothing more than an entry-level coffee runner. But you stuck it out, put in your time, and over the last five years of loyal servitude, you’ve risen to a managerial status. You’re excited and ready to delegate the grueling duties you once had to endure to others who are now below you. You sit down at your new, substantially large desk and think to yourself, “I’ve made it.” You wake up your computer and log into the old company intranet system you’ve never had access to until now. You type in your new user ID and password and hit enter only to find about a thousand folders that run down the page seemingly forever. After searching for the daily itinerary for your department all morning within this disorganized mess, you finally come upon it. You double-click the folder only to find a sea of random folders within.

“Is this what everyone’s been working with all these years?” you think.

And then terrible memories flood your mind as you recall all of the miscommunication between you and your higher-ups; all the headaches you had to endure having to work late on countless evenings because your boss dumped more work on you at the last minute.

“So this is why we’ve been struggling to make quota. Everyone’s tied up in this tangled web.”

And you think about ways this can be improved: new software, new IT guys… something… You wrack your brain, but can’t come up with the solution to your company’s plague of disorganization. Your company’s processes are just too unique to be solved by out-of-the-box software.

LinxSmart’s Business Apps can untangle the web.

With one simple phone call, LinxSmart’s expert business analysts can determine where the problem lies and how to solve it. We have a team of seasoned, professional web developers who will design a fully-customized, cloud-based system that will organize all your pertinent files and documents into one elegant and user-friendly interface.             

Don’t let disorganization be the bane of your business.

Call LinxSmart today for a free consultation!

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