LinxSmart Website Redesign

The LinxSmart Toronto web design site is undergoing a facelift.  Although our current website has proven to be successful, we have decided to revamp the entire website.  Over the past year we have received many compliments on our latest website and also some constructive criticism.   Just like any smart web design company should do, we listened to what others are saying and used this information to help us create an even more effective website design.  Some of the main points which we have taken into consideration are:

  • A more user friendly navigation
  • Cleaner indication of “where you are” within the site
  • Website embedded Client Centre

Yes, I will admit our main navigation is unique, but it just isn’t as user friendly as a main navigation should be.  This is probably the number one concern we have had.  This will be one of the major improvements with our new website.  Along with that, a “breadcrumb” type tracker will be included on every page to help web visitors know where they are on the website.

The current LinxSmart Client Centre is actually based off an early version of the LiveTools content management system.  Although it has proved to be effective, we have decided to keep the entire user interface of the Client Center within website itself.  As well, the Client Center will also feature some new capabilities like online payments and an improved support ticket system.

LinxSmart Toronto web design will be implementing some more dynamic AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and jQuery to improve the overall user interface.

Thanks to our excellent development team at LinxSmart, we hope to have the new website up and running in a few weeks!

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