What is Truly Driving the Digital Revolution

In computing, bigger is never better.

The smaller computers get, the more useful they become—like that computer you carry around in your pocket or purse, otherwise known as a smartphone.

In a recently published article entitled, “How Smartphones Have Unleashed Humanity’s Creative Potential,” author and expert, Andy Gilmore, writes:

“It's easy to think of our digital revolutions—the desktop computer, the Internet—as purely technological achievements. Cheaper microprocessors let everyone have a PC at home. Internet protocols allowed computers to talk to each other. But that doesn't capture the reasons these breakthroughs mattered so much to us. At their core, these were also creative revolutions.”

The same holds true for digital sensors, he writes. Today we think of them as discrete devices that we attach to our fitness wristbands or factory machinery. But sensors are on the verge of becoming so small that they will be ubiquitous. They will be completely integrated into the world around us (and inside us).

“These tiny sensors will create a world where everything can be measured and manipulated. And that will make sensors a powerful force in the future of business and society,” he writes, adding that sensors have already shifted the healthcare model for treatment of some diseases from reactive—waiting until someone gets sick before treatment begins—to a proactive plan of real-time monitoring to sense and respond to symptoms before they become acute and potentially life-threatening.

“Businesses will need to adopt the same strategy to survive in a sensor-filled world. It will become unacceptable for your product or service to break down.”

Customers will gravitate to providers that monitor and detect problems with everything from smartphones to turbines before they become catastrophic and expensive. Businesses of all kinds need to think about how the future of sensors will play out.

And that future is playing out right now.

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