Why B2B Companies Should Embrace the Business Network

Businesses of all kinds need to realize that the commercial world in which we now live in thrives online. By means of what’s been termed “The Business Network”, companies can now communicate, engage and build relationships.  

The business network has emerged as the modern marketplace, value chain, and ecommerce platform, opening up unprecedented opportunities within and beyond corporate walls. If you’re a business leader and you’re not capitalizing on what the digital landscape has to offer, then you’re consistently late to the game.

It’s an old-fashioned concept to conduct your business within the confines of prehistoric processes like brick-and-mortar business models, pen to paper or door-to-door strategies. The online world is the new frontier. It’s exciting and there’s much to explore, but there’s also much that it provides. And B2B businesses have everything they need to reach new clientele; they need only to embrace it.

Dinesh Sharma, Vice President of Digital Economy at SAP says in an article that when you don’t own everything, the integrated model is challenged, and the only way to make that work is when these companies can be on-boarded quickly via the business network.

“This gives you the visibility to exchange documents, bring people on board, and do the appropriate check-ins. The business network has the benefits of a ready pool of resources available when you need them. You can change suppliers easily with your evolving requirements. The business network gives people the greatest flexibility,” he says adding, “The types of people companies need will become more complex, whether it’s for marketing, finance or other areas. Companies have to be incredibly nimble and lean with only core full-time assets, able to source that level of talent from collaborative networks when and where they need it.”

Here’s how he sees the value of business networks for companies of every industry:

“Providing companies with the nimbleness and agility to source people from anywhere in the world when they need them is really SAP’s role. We’ve been making these acquisitions and also changes internally because this is where our customers are going. They may not know it yet, but the opportunities for them to have a much more nimble, lean workforce is too great a benefit from them to resist.”

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