Why Custom Products Are Shaking Up The Way Consumers and Businesses Buy

The “Maker Movement” Is Reshaping How Products Are Manufactured

Before we begin, perhaps we should examine the “Maker Movement”. What is it? And how has it come to be a “movement”?

The maker movement is best described by writer Kai Goerlich, author of “The Top Reasons Why The Maker Movement Will Be The Next Renaissance”, and he writes: “Over the last decade, the quickly growing maker movement has enabled individuals and start-ups to bypass traditional industry to invent and produce bespoke goods on-demand.” He writes that thanks to hackerspaces that democratize access to high-end production tools, and new crowdfunding and online retail options, individuals can take product ideas from concept to funding to production to market on their own.

The reason it’s dubbed a “movement” is because of the exponential growth of craftspeople selling directly to consumers via the internet. Goerlich writes that a confluence of technological and sociological shifts are converging that will turn the advances of the industrial revolution on its head. “At the center of this shift are individuals,” he writes. “Today most products are designed for manufacturers – to make production easier. In the near future, products will be designed for—and by—individuals. This will not only shake up the manufacturing sector but will transform the way we live, work, and create.”

How Can We As Consumers Benefit From The Maker Movement?

Most of us want to be seen as an individual: to be perceived not as one of the same, but as an agent of anti-genericism. Goerlich argues that, because of the maker movement, the future may be one that enables the customer to create and design their own products in an online forum, and craftspeople can take that information, produce and ship it.   

“[...]soon, such customization will be the norm as individualization becomes a matter of changing a line of code rather than retooling an assembly floor,” he writes. “And individuals will be able not only to personalize products. They will be able to dream up, design, and produce them.”

Businesses Can Benefit From Customized Products As Well

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