Why Our Technological Present Should Speak to the Future of Business Practice

What is There to Gain From Adhering to Legacy Procedures in Your Business Model?

A legacy procedure is one that was created way back in the day when the business was formed as a way to simplify the complexities of daily operation in your business. But, that was a lifetime ago, and the world of business management has changed so much since then.

It’s time to take advantage of the innovations of 21st century technology.

In an article entitled “Are Today’s Organizational Structures Harming the Future of Business?”, author and expert, Michael Rander, suggests that legacy procedures hinder a business’s potential for true productivity.  

“Worryingly, 38% reported spending 16%-25% of their time just managing organizational complexity, and an additional 17% cited a mind boggling 26%-50% of their time dedicated to the same thing,” writes author and expert, Michael Rander, adding, “Looking at the United States alone, that translates into an average of 1.5 hours per day each executive spends on managing organizational complexity. This reality clearly impacts overall productivity, flexibility, collaboration, and growth.”

Our Technological Present Should Speak to the Future of Business Practice

What really needs to change first is the mindset of having an organizational structure that is replicable across all companies and should never be modified.

“The digital economy is changing the way we work, the way we live, and the way we interact, so it stands to reason that our organizations need to change along with it,” Rander writes, adding, “For those leaders who take the leap and transform their organizations towards a truly Live Business, there are huge competitive advantages in efficiencies, flexibility, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and financial performance.”

So, what can you do? Think about augmenting your business procedures to maximize productivity. And Business Apps can help you there.  

LinxSmart’s Business Apps Can Help Your Business Digitally Transform!

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Custom business software is all we do!

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