Why Staying Digitally Complacent Can Be Detrimental To Your Business

Your Business Must Digitally Transform To Keep Pace

Innovation is key to adapting to a digital landscape and getting ahead of the competition. But how should you shape your organization’s culture to inspire and facilitate innovation?

In a recently published article entitled, “Is Digital Complacency Putting Your Business At Risk?”, author and expert, Trent Weier, writes:

“Traditionally, technological change has been far outpaced by an industry’s ability to adapt, thereby allowing businesses ample time to assess, evaluate, adopt, or even disregard new technologies with little or no consequence. This is certainly no longer the case. What once may have taken decades in the past now seems to happen overnight, and those who ignore or are unwilling to adapt are failing.”

To be truly and constantly at the forefront, you need to constantly disrupt yourself. You need to be proactive, not reactive.

“Digital transformation isn’t solely about digitising your business processes so you can save money and increase the bottom line. It’s about transforming your organisation into a digital enterprise that can respond immediately to the technological change curve,” Weier writes.

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