Why Your Business Needs to Embrace a Digital Culture

Businesses That Embrace a Digital Culture Are Proven to Grow

In an article entitled “How To Direct Your Digital Future: 4 Questions” published in D!gitalist Magazine, author Dan Wellers argues that a business’s exponential growth can lend attribution to expanding its operations from analogue into digital. “That’s how it is with digital technologies. Processor speed, data storage, bandwidth, sensors and connected devices are leaping ahead exponentially, upending everything we thought we knew about how to best run our businesses and our lives,” he writes. “But we’re handicapped. Until recently our world has been one of small numbers that grew little over generations. Indeed, while technology advances faster than ever, upgrades to the human brain still take millennia.”

How To Compete in, And Take Advantage of, Today’s Digital Renaissance

Weller suggests that the most integral aspect of a business’s need to embrace a digital culture is the fact that everything is being digitized. “The fundamental driver behind all this is the relentless digitization of everything,” he writes. “That’s because once something is digitized it can then be copied infinitely, perfectly every time, and made immediately available to everyone. It also can be offered nearly for free, because the marginal cost of a digital asset is essentially zero. These are the forces that ignite exponential growth and, as we’re seeing, the rapid disruption of business models, industries, and, well, practically everything.”

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