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Top Ten Reasons to Switch to Firefox

Here's the LinxSmart Toronto web design top ten list of reasons why: 10. It's free. Completely, utterly free. You don't have to pay a penny to download it. Firefox is a product of the Mozilla foundation, a tax exempt non-profit foundation, which was established to create innovative open-source soft

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LiveTools is Born!

Managing your Website? Some of our clients may be familiar with the previous version of our management software, more blandly named "LinxSmart Administrator". There was, however, nothing bland about this application. It demonstrated to us and it's users the power and value in custom administration

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Why Do Web Standards Matter?

This is a question asked by both clients and web designers / developers who are yet to dip their feet in the depths of web standards. Lets take a look at this from both sides. First we need to get clear what web standards actually are. To explain what web standards are we need to take a look back a

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Featured in the Business Link Paper!

LinxSmart is being featured in the Hamilton Business Link Newspaper! The result driven professionals at LinxSmart Solutions take a new approach to website standards; they counter the old-school approach to web design by providing quality and adaptability while still keeping costs affordable. Their

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