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5 Tips to Design a Better Website

Success in the Toronto web design industry relies on many different factors.  With design being one of them, here are five important points to remember when creating a new design for a web site.Do your researchI research new and old artists, designers, sites, magazines and books.  Keep up

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The 3 Components of Website Design

Aesthetic DesignAesthetic design is all about getting the look right. If you are good at this it means you will be able to design sites that not only look good but are appropriately designed. Different designs convey different messages to an end user, so it's important that a design matches the site

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Blogs for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO), these days is changing to utilize different tools for better results. One of them is business blogs; this may sound alarming to both small and large companies. The truth is business blogs are one of the latest tools available to improve any website’s SEO. Wha

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LinxSmart Website Redesign

The LinxSmart Toronto web design site is undergoing a facelift.  Although our current website has proven to be successful, we have decided to revamp the entire website.  Over the past year we have received many compliments on our latest website and also some constructive criticism. &n

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