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An organized approach to website planning

  If you've selected the right website provider this process should be painless, however you might like to know in advance what to expect when you set out to create your website. Knowing this process prior to moving forward is probably the safest way to go: it allows you to be organized and cu

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LinxSmart acquires additional client portfolio

The month of May has brought forth many exciting developments for LinxSmart. Most notable among these changes is the acquisition of a new client portfolio gratiously brought forward by our friends at FloatPoint Media.Since LinxSmart's inception we have always valued the openness we have been fortuna

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How to Choose the Right Website Provider

Taking on a website is no easy task. Whether you're a new business owner or a veteran in the industry you’re in; you know you need a website and that’s usually where your expertise with the web ends. There are so many hidden complexities to consider before you get to the stage where you&

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Simplifying Your Web Planning Process

Before 2010 most have had a thorough understanding about why web sites are necessary for business, who uses them, when they use them, why they're convenient, and how much new business one could gain by having a professional site up for the world to see. We knew this because by 2010 roughly 83% of co

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