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2011 Alumni of Distinction Award - Entrepreneur

Graduating from both the Enterprise Business program in 2004 and the Computer Systems Technology-Web Applications Program in 2006 Ryan set out to start his own business. By 2009, at the age of 25, Ryan had a successful business with 3 employees and over 100 clients including the Ontario College

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Magazines Are iPads That Don't Work [Video]

Here is an interesting video I discovered showing a sign of the times.

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Social Media Increases Signups Over 600 Percent

LinxSmart increased signups to SOAP Vault over 600% using social media as the primary source of marketing in the first 6 months. Soap Vault is revolutionary software that allows massage therapists to create, store and retrieve clinical notes anywhere there is an internet connection. They are one of

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5 Tips to Optimize Your Website for Search

Here are five great ways to optimize you website for search engines. 1.    Optimize On-Page ContentSearch engine spiders crawl your site more often then you believe. They read and index almost everything they find to intelligently display your site in search results for your targeted

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Manage Social Media in Less Than 30 Minutes

Social media can increase the revenue of any business. However, it does require effort. The biggest hurdles company’s face is lack of time. If your time is limited, try executing the most valuable efforts first. For many companies these high valued efforts include asking customers to “Ch

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LinxSmart's Social Media Goes International

Ryan Barichello and Neil Reeve-Newson from LinxSmart were thrilled to have conducted a successful social media seminar and learning workshop in New Orleans (AKA N’awlins) this past month. PPG, a global manufacturer and distributor of high quality auto and collision products invited LinxSmart d

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Do I need a Mobile Site?

The answer to this question is simple - YES. You can answer it with questions like “Do I want an effective website?” or “Do I want to increase my revenue?”.  Mobile sites offer an improved user experience and are in pace with social media as an online initiative that all

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Streamlining Business Processes Through the Web

Business communication is exponentially faster now than it was even just a few years ago. Gone are the days of waiting to receive a paper catalogue or a fifty page fax.  Instead, email has revolutionized how we operate and communicate in a business environment. Imagine then, if your day to day

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Does your website homepage need an update?

“Having fun, being interactive and keeping the attention of your user is pivotal in the success of a small business website.”First impressions can make or break a website. It is essential to the success of a website that the homepage not only grabs, but keeps the attention of the visitor

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