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Internet Marketing Basic: Reduce Your Bounce Rate

How would you feel if you owned a business where 50% of visitors turned around and left after taking 1 step in your front door?  Pretty poorly I’d imagine.  Hopefully this isn’t also happening on your website. From an online perspective,  the percentage of visitors who le

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3-Steps To Make Your Homepage Awesome

"...increase your page rank and traffic, while making your pockets heavier."A great homepage is clean, easy to navigate, has an effective call-to-action, and is integrated with social media. Working on improving these elements will not only please your visitors, but also increase your page rank and

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Romancing Google's Penguin in 3-Steps

Google’s latest update to their search engine, dubbed "the Penguin update” has shocked websites around the world. Almost as scary as the Penguin man himself, millions of sites have suffered a dramatic loss in traffic while others have gained significantly. The majority of smart business

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