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Mom & Pop Shops Get Techy

In the last couple years technology like smart phones and web apps have spawned a growth spurt in small business. Business owners are now beginning to realize the efficiencies and growth which is possible when adapting apps into their processes.   Although the economy is still in recovery, the

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LinxSmart Goes to Nashville!

On September 19th, LinxSmart was honoured to have conducted a presentation on Website Design and Functional Efficiency to the top auto part suppliers in Canada! Facilitated by PPG Industries, this event was held in the prestigious Union Station Hotel in the heart of Nashville Tennessee. Attendees w

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Conquer Your Competitors with Real Time Data

All businesses dream of having real time process management at their fingertips. Being able to make that crucial decision that could save you time, increase profits, or jump ahead of the competition tends to only happen periodically - perhaps at the weekly team meeting or when a business process bre

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Was Google Paid in KitKats?

Google has partnered with Nestle to use KitKat’s name for their latest Android 4.4. update. Surprisingly no money was exchanged. Instead, Nestle (and also Hershey, which controls the Kit-Kat branding in the U.S) has agreed to slap Android branding (the little robot dude) on it’s KitKat p

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