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What the heck is "the cloud"?

While surfing the internet, reading the newspaper or just watching the television you maybe have come across the buzz term “the cloud”, but you may not know just how vast the universe of cloud computing has become. The cloud is quickly becoming the predominant access and data storage rou

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Support is what sets LinxSmart apart.

As a Hamilton web design company, the difference between being successful and closing up shop comes down to support, and as a business you're always seeking the services and/or products that will offer you the best support. At LinxSmart, it can't be stressed enough how important it is for the custom

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How can business apps help my business?

  A fresh year and afresh lease on life as the vast amount of technology becoming available and affordable to the small and medium sized business market has been astounding, allowing businesses to sustain a high level of efficiency like never before. As a business owner, there is no bet

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A millennials journey into the working world

As a LinxSmart marketing intern in my third and final year at Mohawk College, I’m preparing for life after Advertising and Marketing Communications. It’s time to get out into the work world, accept my first job and be happy right? Well it's not quite that simple as millennials, you see w

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