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Top 10 Browsers of 2015

Choosing a web browser is like choosing a pair of shoes. You have to find something that fits; you have to find something that’s comfortable. And much like shoes, there’re all sorts of styles to choose from. What fits you? You may ask. How do you measure the quality of a browser? I&rsq

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5 Tips to Grow Your Business: Networking Events

5 Tips to Grow Your Business: Networking Events 1. Building Relationships A client wants to know what you’re all about as a company, and at a networking event, you have a small window of time to grab their attention. That is just about 3 seconds of time, to be exact! Now that you’ve

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Little Things to Make Your Social Media Post POP!

Social media feeds are like an inescapable, entropic labyrinth. And though you may have something important to say, you’re drowned by billions of voices screaming and shouting at once. So, how do we pass through the labyrinth to reach the audience? How can we be heard through the noise? In jus

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Three Things That Make a Great Web Designer

Creating a well-designed site really boils down to three things: keeping up with trends and technology, an open-minded client who’s willing to take advice, and, lastly — a talented designer. And that’s where Chris DiBenedetto, LinxSmart’s Creative Director, comes in. Chri

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