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Why Hiring a Millennial Could be Beneficial to Your Business

If there are two words that could sum up the group of young adults commonly referred to as “millennials,” those words would be: “new ideas”. …No, wait, actually, they would be: “digital natives”. No! Even better; they would be: “intrinsically creative

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Why B2B Companies Should Embrace the Business Network

Businesses of all kinds need to realize that the commercial world in which we now live in thrives online. By means of what’s been termed “The Business Network”, companies can now communicate, engage and build relationships.   The business network has emerged as the modern mar

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Be a Dynamic Leader!

Being a leader is not just about delegation and strategy, it’s about being inspiring. It’s the kind of leader that generates an atmosphere conducive for innovation or invention that is truly advantageous for a business of any kind. But to grow into that kind of leader, one must grow as a

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Does a Business App Make Sense for You?

Have you ever walked into the office and noticed your team stressing over mountains of paperwork piled upon their desks? Have you ever questioned why one team member is more productive than another? Have you ever wondered if there was a way to expedite productivity while maintaining the same standar

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