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Phase Out Those Old Legacy Systems with Business Apps!

A “legacy system”, according to Techopedia, is: “outdated computer systems, programming languages or application software that are used instead of available upgraded versions.” A legacy system is not necessarily defined by age. Legacy may refer to lack of vendor support or a

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Eliminate Countless Spreadsheets with Business Apps!

It’s the beginning of a fresh new workweek. You wake up, shower, toss on that half-ironed/half-wrinkly button-up top, slip on a pair of nicely-creased dress pants, run some kind of product through your hair, tie up your shoes, grab your briefcase and hop in the car. Like every morning, it goes

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Embrace Diversity and Create a Business that's Unique!

Creating a workplace filled with diverse minds and new thoughts and ideas isn’t something most employers take into account when hiring. Most look into a potential’s professional experience. Although that isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s not the best way to develop and foster a u

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