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Does Your Business Require Customized Software?

Every business today needs to utilize the advantages of software to not only survive, but grow. Researching and learning about what types of software work for your unique business is vital, but what if the standard “one-size-fits-all” software doesn’t “fit” you? Within

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LinxSmart President Ryan Barichello Featured on Local Entrepreneur Podcast!

If you’re a business owner and know about LinxSmart’s Business Apps and the benefits they provide, but have been on the fence about whether to give us a call, this podcast will alleviate that anxiety. LinxSmart President Ryan Barichello was featured on a recent edition of Jurgen Rudolf&

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Components of a Good Business Process: Which is Your Business Missing?

A good business process is one that has eliminated time-wasting redundancies allowing your vital team members to perform what they were hired to do; to do what they’re good at. And by allowing them the freedom to flourish; unhindered by weighty, menial tasks; your business will in turn flouris

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Eliminate Unnecessary Work with Business Apps!

Do you find yourself coming to the office every morning to find an email with a laundry list of things you need to do to stay organized and caught-up? Do you find most of your time and energy being spent on housekeeping and not actually on doing what you were hired to do? What if I told you that t

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