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Why Custom Software Goes Hand in Hand With Today's Digital Economy

Today’s Business Must Keep Pace to Survive It is without question that if you own a business, today’s digital economy has you running top speed on a treadmill. You have to keep pace, or you will fall. But what does it mean to “keep pace”? Well, if you have a product, and a

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A Business App Solved the Issues a Major Insulation Manufacturer Faced

When a Major Insulation Manufacturer Needed to Improve Upon Its Unique Business Processes, They Called LinxSmart   Etobicoke’s Climatizer Insulation; a successful manufacturer of cellulose-based thermal and acoustical insulation, hydroseeding mulch, and other specialty fibres; was in nee

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What You May Not Know About Custom Business Software

First, before we dive into the specificities of custom business software, let us begin with a definition to better understand its risks, inherent benefits and subsequent ROI. In a document produced by Emergence by Design Inc. entitled The Risks, Benefits & ROI of Custom Business Software, the a

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How Proprietary Tech is Changing The Game

Proprietary technology was once predominantly utilized by SaaS (Software as a Service) companies or companies that have technology at the core of their business, but those days are rapidly receding as more and more businesses, in any sector, are beginning to implement custom technology to manage the

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