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Disruptive Technology is Changing Business As Usual

Disruptive Technology Often Forces Companies To Change The Way They Approach Their Businesses A disruptive technology is an innovation to a technology that currently exists which leads to the development of new value networks and markets. “However, these new technologies will eventually disru

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A Digital Transformation is Not Only Beneficial, But Can Protect Your Business

A Digital Transformation in Your Business Can Be Overwhelmingly Beneficial In a recently published article in D!gitalist Mag entitled “3 Ways Digital Transformation Can Protect Your Business”, author Shelly Dutton provides a comprehensive study on the benefits of businesses embracing a

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Why Your Business Needs to Live Up to It's Digital Potential

You Need to Step Up Your Business’s Digital Potential in Order to Compete A digital divide has opened up in today’s business landscape. According to James Manyika, Gary Pinkus and Sree Ramaswamy, who authored the Harvard Business Review article entitled “The Most Digital Companies

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