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The Internet of Things: Why You Need to Understand the Power of This $300 Billion Industry

The Internet of Things is the Next Frontier in the Digital Revolution The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived—and it’s here to stay—with its network of RFID tags, machines, appliances, smartphones, buildings, and many other devices with embedded technology that can be accessed ov

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How a Well-Executed Website Can Help Your Business Gain Clientele

How Can a Website Help Your Business Gain Clientele? Progress, in a business sense, means to evolve; to ascend to a level of success you’ve only but envisaged since your company’s inception. In today’s business arena, to progress means to embrace a digital culture. It means to mo

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Re-Imagine Your Business Model By Embracing A Digital Culture

Re-Imagining Your Business Model, Processes and Customer Experience With Digital Embracing a digital culture within your business can mean making a move from processes that you’ve been using since your company’s inception. But, to compete today, it is an utmost necessity to do so, and w

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Engaging Customers: Why Live Video Chat May Have More Benefits Than You Think

Forward-thinking Businesses Are At A Competitive Advantage Through Video Chat Use Live video chat may not be something that sounds ground-breaking, or something that might give you the competitive edge on the competition, but you’d be surprised to discover the hidden qualities of this rather

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