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Why Machine Learning Technology Can Be Advantageous To Your Business

What is Machine Learning, Really? Machine learning is essentially a set of algorithms which allow machines to work like human brains. In a nutshell: the machine can take information based on your activities and remember. In an article published by SAS entitled: “Machine Learning: What It Is

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Top 4 Ways To Painlessly Implement a Digital Business Model

For Today’s Modern Business, Implementing a Digital Business Model is Essential    It’s true. The 21st century business model must encompass a digital strategy, and it must be fluid and work within your existing model. But how can this be done without disrupting business-as-u

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Standardization vs. Customization: Which Method Will You Choose When Going Digital?

How To Know If “Off-the-Shelf” or “Custom” Software is Appropriate For Your Business Every business today needs to utilize the advantages of software to not only survive, but grow. Researching and learning about what types of software work for your unique business is vital,

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