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The Advent of Virtual Reality May Change The World of Business

How Consumer Demand of Virtual Reality Could Change Business The growth and proliferation of new technology is forcing businesses to re-think what they’re manufacturing and selling in order to flow with the rapidly — exponentially — changing times. And virtual reality (VR) is no

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Why Businesses Need to Be Digitally Prepared in Case of Brexit-like Events

Why Businesses Need to Be Digitally Equipped to Deal with Market Catastrophes Business leaders must always ponder the notion of potentially cataclysmic events that could shake the business world as we know it. One such potentially catastrophic event (business-wise) was Brexit. In a recently publi

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Why Companies Are Scrambling to Reinvent Their Business Strategies to Keep Up with Digital Innovation

Why It’s Important to Audit and Augment Your Business Strategy to Stay Competitive Although your legacy business strategy may be the way it’s always been done, it’s important to understand how the landscape is changing so that you too can change with it. In a recently published a

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Internal Disruption: Your Business's Digital Transformation

Your Business’s New Digital Strategy Can Be Detrimental to Your Internal Operation   When companies decide to build a new digital strategy, they often underestimate the impact it will have on the way they operate internally. There is often a tendency for people within the organization to

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