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The Next Industrial Revolution is Being Fuelled by Digital Creativity

The Next Industrial Revolution is Being Fuelled by Digital Creativity The Internet of Things is the next industrial revolution, the next quantum leap in human achievement. And, it’s just getting started. The application of machine learning to artificial intelligence will amplify human potent

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Why Your Business Needs To Reach Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity is a New — and Vital — Concept of Today’s Business Landscape The concept can be compared to growing a competency or any set of skills and activities that take you from novice to expert in a particular dimension of business. Every industry, from manufacturing to h

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Top 5 Signs That Indicate Your Business is Ready for Digital Transformation

The Digital Economy is revolutionizing business processes, business models and how companies interact with end users and customers. Businesses must embrace digital transformation by ditching outdated legacy systems, and using digital-ready technologies to survive. In a recently published article en

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Is Your Business Ready for a Digital Transformation? Upgrade with Business Apps!

A digital transformation describes the changes that move an organization into the digital realm. It’s the moment when you decide to leave legacy processes in the past and embrace the ever-changing business model brought about by technology. LinxSmart’s Business Apps will make that trans

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