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Real-Time Big Data is the Future of Business Operations

Real-Time Big Data is the Future of Business Operations Cloud services, mobility, machine-to-machine and related managed services are beginning to combine to create new modes of business intelligence, collaboration and services delivery. The intersection of cloud computing, big data and intelligen

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Making Sense of Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption is a Hot-Button Phrase Floating Around the Business World as of Late, But What Does it Mean? Digital Disruption happens when the incumbent’s mainstream customers start taking up the start-up’s products or services in volume. Think Blockbuster and Netflix. In a recent

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Digital Transformation is Turning the Business World on it's Head

Welcome to the Future of Business The ability to digitally reimagine your business is determined in large part by a clear digital strategy supported by leaders who foster a culture able to change and invent the new. While these insights are consistent with prior technology evolutions, what is uniqu

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How Does Your Business Measure Up in the Digital Transformation Ring?

Company culture is like an employee’s attitude; it will make or break you. Your company’s culture is a strong determining factor in its adaptability. So, how is your business doing with regard to adapting to the digital age? Digital transformation has struck companies large and small,

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