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Why Your Business Should Be Focusing on Platforms And Not Pipelines When Strategizing

Why do most social networks never take off? Why are marketplaces such difficult businesses? Why do startups with the best technology fail so often? There are two broad business models: pipes and platforms. You could be running your business the wrong way if you’re building a platform, but usi

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Why You Should Employ The "Test-and-Learn" Approach To Digital Operations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In the age of digital transformation, you need to continually seek ways to integrate new digital and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into your traditional operations. Dynamic business conditions, including around-the-clock operations and shifting business demands, cre

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Why Your Business Should Be Looking to Lead the Charge Towards a Digital Future

It’s increasingly clear that all organizations must prepare for doing business in the digital world, or risk their survival. The rapid advancement of technology continues to change the world – and the marketplace – faster than many businesses can keep up, disrupting all their pla

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Ultimate Tips on How Your Business Can Succeed in the Digital Age

Reinventing your business means taking a step back and looking at everything your company does and how it does it; from its business model, products and services through to its culture, leadership, skills, processes and systems. Reinventing your business model has never been a one-off activity. Bu

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