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Skills and Talent Management in the Age of the Digital Business

As the majority of enterprises undergo digital transformation, it's easy to turn to buzzy technology solutions involving big data and machine learning to get you to your digital goals. However, digital transformation is the destination, and these technologies are just tools to help companies along

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Intelligent Business Applications: The Dawn of Machine Learning

From expense trackers, to conferencing scheduling services, mobile desktop operation or workflow assignments, it’s easier to accelerate your business through digital transformation. With a grounding in advanced analytics and more intelligent computing, utilizing business applications with mac

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The Internet of Things: 5 Practical Business Uses

You've likely heard the term "Internet of Things" at some point from a colleague, an article, or an advertisement. But the term is broad and can cover an overwhelming amount of information. In short, the Internet of Things refers to the rapidly growing network of connected objects that are able t

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Frugal Innovation: Big Impact Tech For Less

Digital technology in the form of the Personal Computer and the Internet has already transformed work, education, government, leisure and entertainment, generating new market opportunities and having a major economic impact across a broad range of sectors. The emergence of new digital infrastructur

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