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Still running on spreadsheets? Ask yourself these 6 questions.

Many organizations heavily rely on spreadsheets, and sometimes for good reasons. Spreadsheets are very powerful. But when is it time to move away from a spreadsheet and into a specific application for your business case? Just ask yourself these 6 questions. Do you use a spreadsheet because the in

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Digital Ecosystems: Creating Unique Value for your Business

How can we enable the characteristics so important to future success, if we don’t start thinking differently? Status quo thinking is the cause of many transformation failures – a trend that will continue without the re-imagining necessary to support the coming transformative period. Th

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Big Data: Building Your Team in the Digital Age

Psychological research requires a lot of testing, and a lot of surveys. When relying on surveys, there is a necessary assumption that the subject can be trusted, and that they are answering factually rather than guessing or feeling. Much of the reporting around depression is based entirely on the

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Why You Need To Be The Digital Leader Your Company Deserves

As a business executive in today’s highly technological world, being effective at managing staff isn’t always enough. With the recent trend of digital enterprises taking hold of almost every industry on a global level, business executives and managers have to become effective digital l

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Culture Change or Tech Change? What Comes First in Today's Business Landscape?

Introducing any form of new technology will invariably have an impact on the company culture. But should the latter act as the true driver of organisational change? Technology can be a catalyst for change, yet culture has the power to nurture forward-thinking tech adoption and long-term business g

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