3 Simple Analytics to Make You Smile

As a business professional, when it comes down to your website you likely care more about the end result than fancy graphs, tables, and powerpoint presentations. The actual returns you’ve received from past efforts, what to do now, and projected results.

Listed below are four site metrics which enable you to make actionable efforts and measure results. 

1. “Page 2” Keywords

What you need: The ratio of keywords which visitors use to find your website from search engines, that are currently ranking on the second page of the search results.

Purpose: These keywords are the closest to moving to first page, thus the most ROI.

Action: Optimizing your site and engage in off-page marketing for keywords to ultimately increase targeted traffic to your website.

2. Increase Keyword Rankings to Increase Revenue

What you need: Number of visits, average sale, conversion rates, and specific keywords.

Purpose: Know how much revenue specific keywords are bringing in, and project a revenue increase based on their forecasted position in search result pages. E.g. If the keyword phrase Pizza in Toronto ranks on page two and contributes to $150,000/yr in revenue from visitors who are Googling that to find your site, than you may project this will increase to $450,000/yr for a page one ranking.

Action: Place effort into increasing search rank of the keywords which have the greatest possible revenue increase

3. Your Links vs Mr. Competitor’s

What you need: List of sites that link to both your site and the competitor’s site

Purpose: Know the number and quality of links you both have and where they come from. Since the quantity and quality of links contribute to your search rank and traffic, this is a great stat.

Action:  Find the uncommon links which you don’t share with your competitor. These sites may prove to be valuable link building opportunities.Remember to continually monitor your website traffic metrics. A website’s placement in search results constantly changes, don’t wait until you’ve experienced months of lost traffic before acting on it.

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