5 Tips to Optimize Your Website for Search

Here are five great ways to optimize you website for search engines.

1.    Optimize On-Page Content
Search engine spiders crawl your site more often then you believe. They read and index almost everything they find to intelligently display your site in search results for your targeted keywords. On-page content includes text, pictures, video, and more. If you’re trying to optimize for “Laser Tag” you should include this in your page’s heading, not “Welcome” or “Our Services”.

2.    Optimize Your Google Place Listing
Sometimes Google displays local business in a special “Google Place” section within search results. These listings can be trusted more than organic results and their owners may receive more business as a result. If you don’t have a listing, add one in Google Places. If you do, ensure it’s verified and optimized for search.

3.    Optimize Navigation and Content for Three-Click Rule
Visitors should be able to find the info they're looking for in 3 clicks or less. If they can’t you you may lose customers and search rank.  Search engines estimate how easy it is to navigate and find specific information. Ensure your site is easy to navigate and well organized.

4.     Create Social Media Accounts

If you don’t yet see the HUGE benefit in social media, simply establishing and optimizing social accounts will contribute your site’s rank.  That’s one of the first steps to social media optimization. ;)

5.    Add a Blog
Yes, this mean someone needs to post blogs! The benefits of blogging are plentiful. I could write a “Top 50 Benefits of Blogging” article but for the sake of this short top five list I’ll keep it simple. The more blog posts your site has, the more pages are available for visitors to find in the search engines.  This can increase the overall traffic you’ll receive. This traffic will include your target market and increase your leads and revenue.

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