5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help You

LinkedIn, the world’s biggest “social network for professionals” is enormously beneficial for people in business. Here are 5 ways it can help you:

1. Increases Your Exposure

Every time you or your company posts a blog, publishes an article, or makes a Tweet, those publications can be displayed on the LinkedIn’s homepage, visible to all your connections.  This is great to keep your exposure high and convey yourself as an expert in your field. 

2. Builds Your Network

Networking is a crucial component of a successful career. Connecting on LinkedIn allows you to stay connected. Even when the people change careers, email addresses, or phone numbers – you will stay connected. It also allows you to reach out beyond your immediate network though existing connections.

3. Manages Your Online Reputation

Whether you like it or not people are Google’ing your name looking for any info they can get! If you have a LinkedIn profile, there’s a good chance it appears on the first page in search results, if not number one. LinkedIn’s high page rank allows people to find your profile, fast and easily.

4. Generate Leads + Makes You Look Good

Increasing your exposure and building your network does contribute to lead generation. However, using LinkedIn to display recommendations and testimonials from others is great. When a person leaves a recommendation on your profile, it’s digitally connected theirs. This establishes credibility because it put the other person’s reputation on the line. After all, you wouldn’t recommend someone you don’t trust, right?

5. Increases Website Traffic

At LinxSmart, our marketing department reviews analytics every day. LinkedIn is a top source of referral traffic for many company’s whose employees are using it effectively. For example, a company has 100 employees, a blog, and Twitter account which they publish to on a regular basis.  Those employees have an average of 120 connections on LinkedIn and syndicate their company’s online publications. Given these numbers, the company’s publications can potentially reach 12,000 people on LinkedIn (Some overlap of common connections will occur). Because each of these publications will include a link to the company’s blog or Twitter account, it will contribute to a large influx in site traffic.

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