5 Best Money Management Apps for Small Business

Staying up to date with the latest mobile apps is hard, but rest assured it’s worth it. To make this task easier, we put together this handy list of the top five money management apps. These apps will help you manage both personal and business finances, saving you time and money!


1. Mint


Mint makes financial decisions easy when you can view up-to-date information about your accounts and check your budgets. Setup is super simple and it’s user interface friendly, making this app worth using. You’re also able to pull all your financial data onto one screen quickly and easily. Available for the iPhone and Android.

2. Barcode Scanner


Before purchasing a product in a store, we all think “I wonder if this is cheaper online”. Luckily for us, the Barcode Scanner app allows consumers to look up online prices and reviews by scanning the barcode. You can also scan Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc. This app is available for the iPhone and Android.


3. BillTracker


We all have bills to pay. From the water bill to the car payment to the cell phone subscription, BillTracker can help you manage it all. Billtracker also alerts you about upcoming bills and lets you track paid bills, so you never overpay. Available for the iPhone.


4. TSheets Time Tracker


One of the most versatile timesheet tracking apps. TSheets lets your employees punch in and out online and track your time spent on different projects. You can also assign tasks and use your phone’s GPS to map your events. This app is available for the iPhone and Android.

5. Invoice2go Lite


Invoice2go allows you to create and send invoices from your phone, tablet or home computer. Everything you do is backed up to the cloud and is synced to whichever device you sign into. You’ll have instant reports showing you who’s paid and who still owes you money. You can then send reminders to your debtors automatically. Available for the iPhone and Android.

Have you used any of these apps? If yes, please let us know your thoughts!

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